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Sun, Jun 26 2022
Acts 14:21-23 - Church Planting in Fiji

Learn about church planting from the Apostle Paul.

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Sun, May 22 2022
1 Peter 2:5-9 - You and Me, Royal Priests

Those who believe in Christ are chosen and valued.

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Sun, Jan 23 2022
Romans 12:14-21 - Don't Let Evil Win

We can conquer evil by devoting ourselves to doing what is good.

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Sun, Jan 16 2022
Romans 12:9-13 - Sincere Love

How do we love people we sometimes don’t like?

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Sun, Jan 09 2022
Romans 12:1-8 - Dedicated to Worship

God's mercy and love demand the total dedication of all we are, including our bodies, to worship the Lord.

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Sun, Sep 26 2021
Lamentations 3:19-24 - God is Faithful

We should grieve our losses, but we can get through by counting on God's faithfulness.

God is Faithful

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Sun, Sep 12 2021
Matthew 8:23-27 - Calming the Storm

Pastor McCall offers encouragement and direction for those suffering because of Hurricane Ida.

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Sun, Jul 04 2021
John 8:36 - True Freedom is found in Christ

As you celebrate our nation's independence, remember that true freedom is found in Christ.

Sun, Jun 27 2021
Psalm 11 - Choose Trust, Not Panic

Trusting God for protection keeps one from mistakes made in panic.

Sun, Jun 13 2021
2 Peter 1:19-21 - Is what you hear online true?

Learn how to recognize false prophets on the Internet.

Sun, May 30 2021
Mark 8:22-30 - Cloudy to Clear

Seek to see Jesus more clearly today and look forward to perfect sight in eternity.

Sun, Mar 28 2021
Palm Sunday - Shouts from the crowd!

Discover the reason Jesus came by listening to shouts from the crowd!

Sun, Jan 17 2021
Mark 4:1-24 - Understanding the Soil

Jesus illustrates what happens when His truth is proclaimed: some miss out, others grow.

Sun, Nov 22 2020
Thankfulness Avoids Disaster

Building thankfulness into our lives keeps us from going down the dark path away from God and His ways into the depths of despair and sin.

Sun, Sep 20 2020
Real Authority

Many people are happy that Jesus can make their lives better, but they aren't thrilled with His authority.

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