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Bible Center Church
Learn the Word to Live for Christ
    • Welcome!

      We know what it is like to go to a new church, so here are a few things about us:

      We use the Bible at lot, and can provide you with one, or you can use our free WiFi with an Internet Bible. The free Logos app is a good choice for following our sermons.

      We never pass an offering plate, nor do we try to embarrass anyone.

      You are free to keep your children with you, but we have an excellent nursery for well babies and toddlers through age 3, and a private room for nursing mothers.

      We like to sing and talk, so you are welcome to stay after the service to get to know our people and make some new friends.

    • Feb 6, 2020
      2019 Annual Report

      The 2019 Annual Report is now available online. We will vote on the ballot items at our business meeting on February 16.


      Jan 19, 2020

      Pastor Gary is currently preaching through the Old Testament book of Leviticus.

      Click Trailers above for highlights or Studies for full sermon videos.


      Jan 5, 2020

      Early in January, Pastor Gary presented our Annual Spiritual Checkup and challenged us to memorize Romans 12 by Ash Wednesday (Feb 25).

      Click Studies to view the full sermon.