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Bible Center Church
True Spirituality

In this series on Spirituality, Pastor McCall explains Paul's teachings in 1 Corinthians 2:1-3:4 as they relate to different classes of people and how they respond to spiritual truth.

Sun, Nov 15 2020
Walkabout in the Spirit

Maturing in holy living isn't accomplished by sheer human effort, it has everything to do with the way you walk.

Sun, Nov 08 2020
When Christians Get Off Track

Sometimes Christians let fleshly desires sidetrack them from God's purposes for them. How can we recognize this and get back on track?

Sun, Nov 01 2020
The Non-Spiritual

What can we do to reach people who aren't spiritual and won't receive spiritual truth?

Sun, Oct 25 2020
The Mature Christian

What does it mean to be spiritual and mature?

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