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The Gospel of Matthew Series

This series is called “Living for the Coming King”. Matthew teaches us Jesus is the King, why His kingdom hasn't come yet, and how we are to live for Christ until He returns. Also, it is the basis of our devotional on The Beatitudes.

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Sun, Jul 25 2021
Matthew 9:9-17 - Am I religious enough to follow Jesus?

We must understand what being Jesus' disciple doesn't involve.

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Sun, Jul 18 2021
Matthew 8:23-9:8 - Help for the Fearful!

Three separate incidents show that Jesus is The One that offers help for the fearful!

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Sun, Jul 11 2021
Matthew 8:18-22 - Is Jesus Worth the Cost?

Are we willing to give up comfort and family to be His disciples?

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Sun, Jun 20 2021
Matthew 8:1-17 - What does Jesus will for you?

The will of Jesus makes the difference in our present and our eternity.

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Sun, Jun 06 2021
Matthew 7:24-29 - How firm is Your Foundation?

Those who hear Jesus' teaching and do not obey are dooming themselves to destruction.

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Sun, May 23 2021
Matthew 7:13-23 - Choices have Consequences

Choose the difficult way that leads to the narrow gate rather than the broad highway to destruction.

Sun, May 16 2021
Matthew 7:7-12 - For what are you asking?

Jesus commands His disciples to ask, seek, and knock to receive, find and have the door opened.

Sun, May 09 2021
Matthew 7:1-6 - Judging or Helping?

Jesus challenges His disciples to approach others with wisdom to help, not judge them.

Sun, May 02 2021
Matthew 6:25-34 - Stop worrying, trust God

Jesus encourages His disciples to live in light of their Father's commitment to care for them.

Sun, Apr 25 2021
Matthew 6:19-24 - Are You Destroying Your Sight?

Jesus warns His followers of the danger of becoming the servants of material possessions.

Sun, Apr 18 2021
Matthew 6:5-15 - How to pray (and what not to pray)

Jesus instructs His disciples in how to pray to our heavenly Father and what not to pray.

Sun, Apr 11 2021
Matthew 6:1-18 - Showboat Religion

Is it possible to fall out of favor with God by helping needy people? Jesus warns His disciples of this very thing that could cost them the favor of the Father in heaven.

Sun, Apr 04 2021
Matthew 5:43-48 - Children of the Father

Jesus challenges His followers to pray for their enemies that the Father will show them His goodness.

Sun, Mar 21 2021
Matthew 5:38-42 - Should you respond in kind?

Instead of retaliating, we should be gracious when others offend or harm us.

Sun, Mar 14 2021
Matthew 5:33-37 - Do you always tell the truth?

Jesus raises the bar to perfection by eliminating false swearing and teaching His disciples to be known as people who tell the truth.

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