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These short videos highlight important points from much longer ones. After each video, you can select "Read More" to get more detail. Start with our special salvation clip.


Sun, Mar 15 2020
Trailer for There Is No Story Without Israel

Sun, Mar 08 2020
Trailer for The Origin of Our Story

Sun, Mar 01 2020
Trailer for Engaging The Story

Sun, Feb 23 2020
Trailer for Leviticus 5:14-6:7 - What Should We Do About Guilt?

Sun, Feb 16 2020
Trailer for Leviticus 4:1-5:13 - If I Sin, Can I Be Pure Again?

Sun, Feb 09 2020
Trailer for Leviticus 3 - Is An Ingredient Missing From Your Bar-B-Que?

Sun, Feb 02 2020
Trailer for Leviticus 2 - What makes us Most Holy

Sun, Jan 26 2020
Trailer for Leviticus 1 - Wholly God's

Sun, Jan 19 2020
Trailer for You Can Understand Leviticus

Sun, Oct 16 2016
Trailer for How to Live Under Ungodly Government

Sun, Oct 02 2016
Trailer for What to look for in a President

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