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Tue, Dec 01 2020
Qualified to Rule

Jesus Christ's ancestry not only puts Him in line to be king of the Jews, but to establish a righteous kingdom on this earth. These important truths are essential for those who would make disciples of the nations.

Sun, Nov 29 2020
Understanding Jesus' World

In order to understand Jesus and what He said, we need to understand what the people who read Matthew's Gospel already knew.

Sun, Nov 22 2020
Thankfulness Avoids Disaster

Building thankfulness into our lives keeps us from going down the dark path away from God and His ways into the depths of despair and sin.

Sun, Nov 15 2020
Walkabout in the Spirit

Maturing in holy living isn't accomplished by sheer human effort, it has everything to do with the way you walk.

Sun, Nov 08 2020
When Christians Get Off Track

Sometimes Christians let fleshly desires sidetrack them from God's purposes for them. How can we recognize this and get back on track?

Sun, Nov 01 2020
The Non-Spiritual

What can we do to reach people who aren't spiritual and won't receive spiritual truth?

Sun, Oct 25 2020
The Mature Christian

What does it mean to be spiritual and mature?

Sun, Oct 18 2020
Teaching Teens Christian Values

Teach Christian values to your teen from God's Word, not so they will act like a Christian, but will be a Christian.

Sun, Oct 11 2020
Prepare Your Child for Old Age

Growing old is a good thing, a sign of God's blessing, but something we need to prepare our children to attain and to enjoy when they get there.

Sun, Oct 04 2020
Teach Your Child Holy Living

God’s way of living is holy because God is holy.

Sun, Sep 27 2020
Teach your Child to Obey

Get your child to obey ... the first time.

Sun, Sep 20 2020
Real Authority

Many people are happy that Jesus can make their lives better, but they aren't thrilled with His authority.

Sun, Sep 13 2020
Lead Your Child to Christ

When you love someone you want the best for them. Christian parents want their children to be saved. How do we bring them to Christ?

Sun, Sep 06 2020
The Three Rs of Parenting

We are not under the Old Testament Law, but we can learn from it, and train our children in the Scriptures to prepare them for Salvation.

Sun, Aug 30 2020
Dependence on God

Children are a blessing that can continue for generations.

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